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Haven CBD

300mg Pet CBD Tincture

300mg Pet CBD Tincture

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We offer an easy and convenient way for pet owners to get the highest quality CBD oil for their dogs and cats.

Our Pleasant Pet CBD Oil for pets is made with premium ingredients, so pet owners can rest assured that they are giving their pets the best products available. Our CBD oil is completely safe for pets to use at home, as it has been tested and certified by third-party organizations. The Pleasant Pet provides natural relief for common pet ailments including pain, anxiety, arthritis, seizures, allergies, skin conditions, digestive issues, and sundowner syndrome (a cognitive degeneration disorder in senior dogs). Our broad spectrum hemp oil for dogs will help your furry companions relax and brighten their mood 

Grown Locally: Our organic CBD for pets comes from plants that are responsibly farmed. The Pleasant Pet uses premium quality hemp flower grown locally in Maryland. Free of pesticides and herbicides, the broad-spectrum hemp oil for dogs and other animals is formulated and produced by Fingerboard Farm.

Made with Love: Born out of necessity and made with love, The Pleasant Pet was created by Pet and Home Care CEO, Tiffany Lewis, to provide anxiety relief for her beloved senior Shih Tzu, Millie. 

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